Art for social change

Art for social change

Art for Social Change is a space for artists, allowing them to challenge society’s deepest assumptions and inspire new visions for the future through art.


It is historical fact that every change that any society has brought within its framework was first envisioned by an artist. Iconography and symbolism in artwork plays a powerful role in changing hearts and minds.

It Art for Social Change is a space for emerging artists which allows them to express their ideas freely. Undoubtedly the language without words; Art in itself holds the power to convey without really saying anything. It is in this power that one has faith in when trying to shed light on deep issues, and it is this very power that can stimulate a change within society.

Art for Social Change showcases the US Embassy’s project – a customized exchange program for 14 artists from around Pakistan. The project focused on themes of activism through art, social engagement, and professional development.

The program focused on how artists can use their work to draw attention to social problems and engage the community. Moreover, they got the opportunity to grow and influence each other, build connections to artists and curators in the US, as well as gain perspective into a new culture.