We Are Hazara

We Are Hazara


• Mastung Incident
Context: 20th September 2011, near Mastung, eight unidentified armed men killed 26 pilgrims. The shoot contains the interviews of the families of the people killed in the incident.

• Bahrori Road Incident
Context: A bombed was fixed in a bus in Quetta, which was coming from Iran. The bomb went off right before the bus was about the entre the city. Several people were killed, many were injured; this attack happened on 28th June 2012

• Ispini Road Incident
Context: On one of the main roads in Quetta, a dissident group attacked the Hazara community workers and the community’s leading figure was also attacked. This happened twice, once on 12th and the other time on 15th February 2012.

• BUITMS Incident
Context: Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences’ bus was struck by a bomb blast, the blast killed the children studying in the university. The Shia community was the prime target of this bomb blast.

The episode covers with a brief historical background on the Hazara Tribe. This is followed by their story of their migration to Pakistan from Afghanistan, which gradually transforms into the reality of the threat the community is facing after 2004.
The Hazara Community is one of the very prominent communities from Balcoshistan and their contribution is very significant in various public sectors, from Armed forces to Government offices, from producing brilliant mind-wares in form of technicians, engineers, artists etc etc.

Morangofilms has tried capturing all these instances, events and expressions in two episodes through various interviews of the families of the affectees; highlighting their sufferings, from not being able to attend colleges, do business outside their areas, losing loved ones…the children from the community live under constant traumatic stress.
These two episodes cover the community as a whole subject, their importance within the region, how it helped shape and brought prosperity to the province and how incidents such as these challenge the socio-economic development of Balochistan.