About us

“We create, innovate life.”

MorangoFilms is a media house working in the capacity of commercial and social enterprises. We use media in combination with other elements in order to extract its maximum potential for promoting positive social change and restructure. We focus on activities pertaining to education and awareness in an effort to inculcate social values like peace, tolerance and constructive conformity in the society and encourage civic participation in this regard. Our programs are therefore structured in a way that allows participation from anyone, including and especially those who belong to marginalized or affected areas. Accessibility and outreach are some of the most important factors we look into and especially in depth to ensure that we can touch as many people’s lives as possible with the ultimate goal of extending the Morango ideology of peace, love and harmony across the region.

Our brand experiences incarnate Morango’s expertise in strategizing the blend between thought processes and technology while achieving business objectives. By developing and building digital interfaces for brands, Morango inspires people to stay, enjoy and return.

Morangofilms evolved with the evolution of independent private broadcast media in the country and has had a unique opportunity to observe the most significant socio-political changes in Pakistan. Faced the liberalization of broadcast media coinciding with an increase in religious militancy, which eventually spread southward in the country.
A complete production experience, MorangoFilms has offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, with highly qualified directors and designers, specializing in Ad Films, Music Videos and Documentaries, we welcome visiting production companies interested in shooting in Pakistan.

Morangofilms emphasis on artistic invention garnered widespread critical acclaim and commercial triumph.