Electoral Violence

Electoral Violence

About the Festival

MorangoFilms has created a platform by the name of 60-second Film Festival. The festival is calling for entries in the upcoming months for content on social issues and development, entertainment, national and international issues, public service messages to name a few.

60 Second Film Festival belongs to each and every individual, who in any way possesses an urge to address social issues and try to bring a positive change in the society.

Countries, cities and communities committing to a cause or their beliefs struggle to find opportunities or creative platforms where they not only showcase their efforts but also to interact with knowledge leaders.

60 Second Film Festival is one such platform. The Festival will engage upcoming artists/producers from all around from Pakistan to exhibit their work on various socially driven issues. The platform will provide a knowledge field for the Pakistani Youth to display their work by capturing the challenges of the society.

The focus shall at all level address critical social issues; that covers education, civic sense, health, art, water, gender, extremism, entertainment and current affairs. Developing local talent from the creative class through collaborative approaches will ensure a well-nourished pool of skilled resources.

The objectives of this festival are to:

  • Increase the confidence level of young talent
  • Improve understanding of deep-rooted issues
  • Create positive learning experiences
  • Creative integration of social issues
  • Advocate social change

Communicating Diversity & Multiculturalism

This activity will become an important channel for cultivating public focus and building goodwill; where MorangoFilms with its partners Mishal Private Limited, Agahi Foundation, Duck, Foxtrot, Mystic Media and Collective Circle will use social media platform and social equity as the two marketing tools for distributing customized messages to attract global participation and sponsors.

The Festival will call for submissions in third quarter of 2012. The submission deadline will be set for the following months during which the date for screening will be announced.

The submissions will be judged by and experienced panel for content, originality, production, new ideas.

The finalists’ work will be showcased prominently on various platforms like social media. We have also partnered with ARY network as media partners to air the content via satellite.

Slogan: Got a story to yell in 60 seconds?
Venue: Nationwide (Pakistan) and Pakistani diaspora
Goal: Original short films of sixty-second maximum duration
Media Partners: ARY Network