Over the last decade the nature of war has changed, whilst counter-terrorism and extremism remains an unprecedented challenge globally; where tactical methodology has grave and complex implications, the military and the governments, now, are engaging original concepts of adopting new models of approaching the modern war.

In Pakistan, the feelings of economic and political inadequacy along with fighting terrorist networks has left the nation in a state of despair and insensitivity. The media has played a pivotal role in encouraging a radical mindset in the country by becoming a psychological force in creating a platform for radicalisers and recruiters promoting extremist ideology.

“LOUG” (word in urdu meaning “people”) is a concept that showcases the real effects of violence without showing actual violence for a greater effect. “LOUG” is a series of visual documentation of people, groups or families who have been directly or even indirectly affected from the ongoing wave of terrorism in Pakistan.

The series will be an avenue to educate the masses and help rehabilitate the affected by channeling the content through the electronic medium, web and social media platforms.

Millions of Pakistanis have become insensitive to the atrocious environment – such programming aims to rekindle the compassion, instill a sense of responsibility and ownership of creating a culture of tolerance and vigilance.
The predicament, where the occurrences of terrorist attacks becoming tolerable, display of extremist narrative a norm, and deteriorating socio-economic conditions as acceptable is an indicator of a society losing the right to basic human rights.

The essence of the series is to further an atmosphere of peace, tolerance, and awareness that enables the nation to take informed decisions.