Police Awam Saath Saath Film Competition

Police Awam Saath Saath Film Competition

Police Awam Saath Saath in collaboration with School 60 brings to you the Police Awam Saath Saath Film Competition. We’re calling all the intellectual citizens of Pakistan to raise their voice and share their ideas about policing in the form of 60 second film(s).

This is an opportunity for all citizens of Pakistan without any barrier of age, gender or background. It is a chance for aspiring filmmakers to explore their creativity while expressing their views and suggestions regarding the Pakistani police through the medium of film.

The film must fall under one of the 6 categories:


  1. Josh e Junoon (The spirit of Passion)

Films in this category must capture the enthusiasm and passion of the police force and highlight the efforts and sacrifices made by these officials. These may highlight the martyrs we may never forget, the female police department going out of the way to fulfil their duties, the high achievers and personalities throughout history, the heroes and specially the survivors of terrorism in police.

  1. Apna Farz Janain (Know your responsibilities)

The Apna Farz Janain category promotes the notion of creating awareness, regarding traffic rules, the right to information, the responsibilities of the police and the common man. This category focuses more on the responsibilities of citizens to know their rights, and further impart their knowledge. This must be captured in 60 seconds with the motive to create ownership of the rights and duties of every Pakistani, before questioning the enforcement authorities.

  1. Agahi (Awareness)

The medium of film may be one of the most influential tools used to reach out to the masses. This category allows the participants to shed light on the issues around us and rights we have as Pakistani citizens. These may include topics like issues faced by women in police, the negative aspect of police, public issues, history of police and insight on the infrastructure of police stations.

  1. Wardi Say Aagay (Beyond the Uniform)

The main focus of the Police Awam Saath Saath campaign is to bridge the gap between the public and the police. For this, it is essential to see the person behind the work and beyond the uniform. This implies trying to highlight the roles officers play in their private lives. So, the films under this category may include depiction of the life of a police officer, interviews of ordinary police officers, and the recruitment process of police officers.

  1. Police Dost (Friends of Police)

It is mandatory that the public helps and assists the police in their duties by appreciating them and making it easier for them to execute their duties efficiently. To create this connection, the participants may make 60 second films on community policing, the efforts by police to engage public, the positive side of police and how the public accommodates officers on duties.

  1. Shaan-e-Pakistan (Pride of Pakistan)

This category is for the patriotic filmmakers and those that want to highlight the diversity of the nation. Taking pride in our people and the law enforcement agencies that work day and night to create a safer and peaceful Pakistan and capturing it in a 60 second film will encourage officers to work with zeal and honesty.


The films will be shortlisted through online voting and by a panel of jury. The winner of the best film will win an amazing prize of Rs 100,000. Moreover, the top films will be screened a film festival that will be held next year.

This is an amazing opportunity to raise your voice and be heard! So don’t waste another second and send in your submissions now!

Submit your entries on: http://bit.ly/PASSsubmit