With Education

With Education

This is Nietzsche – the great Western Philosopher … He once said that “Education is rather liberation, a rooting out of all weeds, rubbish and vermin from around the buds of the plants, a radiation of light and warmth, a loving, whispering fall of night rain”.

This alludes to a certain human and social reality that is not a bureaucratic error that will resolve itself – it is just the opposite. Culture – our way of living… The living logo of archetypal psyche and existential intentions of any particular society.

It is this ethnocentric nature of every culture that makes it necessary for its people to take it as their indelible identity. This relativistic misnomer is a belief that takes the toll of acceptance, co-existence, diversity, and togetherness we know as globalization. This world has so badly enslaved itself in its own syllables of thought and interpretations of truth. Mere interpretations, and not the truth.

Japanese cars wheel on the asphalt of every country. Spray bottles of French eau de toilet are just a press away from any thumb in the world. American jeans, Thai T Shirts and Bermudas are now like global uniform. This world is living each other, yet it also nurtures hate. Hate that roots directly from cultural misunderstandings, yields the sour fruit of innate bias and reduce the plethora of opportunities that this world offers to its people – the biggest being Peace.

WE, therefore is an initiative to see the reality beyond interpretations. Living it as an experience and sharing the dividends. It’s a journey that is like rewriting the topography of Education by expanding it beyond fault lines called borders; its destination is Knowledge….Knowledge that means tolerance and dissolution of prejudice. Knowledge…of thriving together as WE.