Madeeha Raza

Madeeha Raza

Executive Producer/Director

Madeeha is a young and innovative filmmaker who is extremely passionate about what she does. Her work in short films, documentaries, public service announcements bid testimony to her enthusiasm and creativity. A staunch believer in the power of film/videography, she believes it to be the best medium of communication to masses of this modern era. She understands that current lifestyles command people to be more implicated by media than by any other medium. Putting this faith to use, she likes to project her creative skills and expresses what’s inside of her through her favored medium.

Soon after graduating with a Master’s degree from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore in Film and TV, she began her directing career with a string of short films and documentaries. Her creative use of simple, gritty footage amidst a clever premise established Madeeha as a fresh talent with a distinct vision and a knack for realism. As evident from her work, Madeeha believes in a surrender of all forms of reverence to camera’s eyes by the characters, leaving their non-sanitized glory exposed. Given her way, she would shun the sensational in replacement for natural development of film in a profound character-driven way.

At present, she’s working with Morango Films, an Islamabad and Karachi based company that delivers quality Ad Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, and Print Features. Under this brand, she directed a few PSAs for the recent elections in the country, contributing her work to the 60secondfilmfestival created and curated by Morango Films, with an objective to eliminate layers of complexity to help learners enter in professional arena, especially while just learning how to use concepts and content of context to deliver a visual form of an idea.

Besides filmmaking, she’s a writer by hobby and political activist. When she is not working, she’s gathering insights into the realities and harbors a sensitive and keen nature. Her dedication to her work follows her in her hobbies and pays homage to her desire to bringing a positive change in the current scenario of society through her work. Her short films are riveting in their realness. This is indicative of her directing style and vision. The fact that this director would build her insights into realities in a bid for truth and would express them through her projects is a testimony to her commitments.